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Yunfei's Choice®
Yunfei's Choice®
Yunfei's Choice, the trusted choice for health life
Selected global brand patented ingredients, providing high quality of products.
We care about life
Yunfei's Choice is a brand of Unison Healthcare Group established in 1955,
committed to creating happiness through healthcare and high quality of nutritions for wellness of life.
La Voie Lactée ® La Voie Lactée ® La Voie Lactée ® La Voie Lactée ® La Voie Lactée ®
La Voie Lactée ®
Since 1989, it has specialized in the production of organic mare's milk, a powerful antioxidant, detoxifier and cell regenerator, known since Antiquity.
La Voie Lactée offers a selection of organic mare's milk cures, excellent for natural health (freeze-dried and cryo-precipitated cures), among other things, through its regenerating action on intestinal comfort.
The richness of the Milky Way mare's milk has also made it possible to carry out natural and organic cosmetic treatments (without any chemical products) containing many active ingredients (Borage oil, Pelvétia, Gold ...) bringing many beneficial effects on the skin of the face and the body (attenuation of the effects of time ....).
La Voie Lactée's organic natural cosmetics and soaps are all certified organic (Cosmécert, Ecocert) and labeled, Cosmébio and Cosmos Organic).
Daiwa Daiwa Daiwa Daiwa
Daiwa's vision is to help people live healthy lives and enhance their overall well-being by applying the principles of bioscience while respecting the laws of nature.
Daiwa offers superior products derived through our proprietary research and development of unique functional ingredients. Product features better for maintain the function of digestive tract and regulation of physiological function.
Adult Yoga Adult Yoga Adult Yoga Adult Yoga
Adult Yoga
Unison Yoga provides excellent courses, complete facilities and a warm environment. It is hoped that "in a friendly and warm environment, every family can experience a healthy yoga life".
We invite experienced yoga practitioners to be coaches. It is taught to students to help beginners to experience the beauty of yoga and then become long-term practitioners.
Unison Yoga provides diversified courses. It also provides services such as corporate group package classes, one-to-one yoga guidance, and yoga teacher dispatch.
Prenatal Yoga Prenatal Yoga Prenatal Yoga Prenatal Yoga
Prenatal Yoga
Prenatal Yoga can alleviate the soreness of the lower back and waist during pregnancy. Use moderate yoga postures and breathing exercises to adjust the mind and hormonal changes and maintain a good posture to avoid injury to the body due to incorrect postures; and exercise legs The muscles of the core parts such as the abdomen, and pelvic floor are stretched and strengthened to help pregnant women give birth smoothly.
Parent-Child Yoga Parent-Child Yoga Parent-Child Yoga Parent-Child Yoga
Parent-Child Yoga
A special yoga course designed for babies and their parents. Through interactive exercises, they can strengthen their physical flexibility, blood circulation and brain development. At the same time, they can make skin contact and eye contact with parents , To learn together and support each other, cultivate mutual trust and understanding, and promote parent-child relationship, so that children can grow up healthy and happy.
Kids Yoga Kids Yoga Kids Yoga Kids Yoga
Kids Yoga
Kid Yoga through music, stories, and games, let children cultivate their concentration, softness and flexibility in a relaxed and natural atmosphere. Learning from yoga allows children to understand the connection between themselves and their surroundings, achieve a balance between body and mind, and inspire their unlimited potential.