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C-arm Ziehm 8000/ Solo/ Solo FD/ Vision/ Vision R/ Vision RFD/ Vision RFD Hybrid/ Vision RFD 3D
C-arm Ziehm 8000/ Solo/ Solo FD/ Vision/ Vision R/ Vision RFD/ Vision RFD Hybrid/ Vision RFD 3D
Since 1972, we have produced technologies that enhance imaging and streamline clinical workflows. Our devices’ exceptional image quality and flexibility in the operating room serve as an important basis for treatment success.
Our mobile X-ray based imaging solutions are used in spine surgery, orthopedics, traumatology, vascular surgery, interventional radiology, cardiology, cardiac surgery and further clinical applications.
Our focus on intraoperative imaging and innovative X-ray technologies are implemented consistently by high investment in research. More than 15% of our turnover is invested in the development of new products. Today, 80% of our product portfolio is younger than 3 years.
In close collaboration with universities, research institutes and hospitals, we are developing and enhancing innovative technologies which make our company a pioneer in intelligent interventional imaging.
IMS Giotto Mammography IMS Giotto Mammography
IMS Giotto Mammography
IMS Giotto offers a wide range of mammography solutions, most of them with digital imaging, to cover any possible clinical need from screening to advanced diagnostic. Contrast-Enhanced Mammography and Digital Breast Tomosynthesis are now within everyone’s reach.
Teladoc InTouch Teladoc InTouch Teladoc InTouch Teladoc InTouch
Teladoc InTouch
InTouch Lite 4 is a new generation, mobile advanced telemedicine solution specially designed for crowded and noisy hospital settings. Medical personnel can maneuver the InTouch Lite 4 system next to beds in emergency, clinic or serious condition care settings, allowing specialist physicians to provide clinical consultation online. Through a remotely controlled high-resolution video lens, specialist physicians are actively aware the real-time condition of the patient, carrying out consultation and related examinations. Using industry-leading encrypted remote video consultation connections not only focuses on the key rescue time window and reduces unnecessary travel fatigue, but also extends the professional medical services of specialist doctors to mountainous and remote off-island areas. With the help of sophisticated technology and new functions in the new generation equipment supporting broader use, physicians at the consultation and equipment end can make faster and smarter clinical decisions.
Applicable Settings:
Emergency, Stroke Centers, Outpatient Clinics
InTouch Mini is a touring telemedicine solution provided in three different types according to customer needs: Mini (standard cart) Mini Wall-Mounted type and Mini Tabletop desktop type. Its lightweight design can flexibly support application scenarios such as roving medical vehicles, emergency rooms, clinics, examination rooms, township health centers, long-term care centers, and even home visits. InTouch Mini extends the professional medical services of doctors to every corner of remote mountainous and off-island areas, improving the continuity of the medical service process from emergency medical care to home care after discharge.
Applicable Settings:
Outpatient Clinics, Touring Medical Facilities
Samsung Ultrasound
Samsung Ultrasound
Elegant images, intelligently automated precision features, fast operation, and ergonomics considering the medical environment provide healthcare professionals with diagnostic confidence. The up-to-date system is applied with powerful AI functions to free healthcare professionals from repetitive tasks, in particular, the ViewAssist™ function simplifies the workflow by automatically measuring and annotating numerous views with a simple click of a button.
Samsung Ultrasound is our commitment to support the life-long healthcare , diligently pursuing new possibilities in ultrasound diagnosis.
Digital X ray GM85/ GC85 Digital X ray GM85/ GC85
Digital X ray GM85/ GC85
Samsung Healthcare : Combining leading technology to improve the quality of people's lives.
Samsung is committed to create a new future for medical professionals and patients with a mission to bring health and well-being to people's lives. Integrating its leading expertise in display, IT, mobile and electronics, our vision is to bring confident diagnosis, cost-effective solutions and improved workflow to customers.
Specializing in diagnostic imaging devices, Samsung's innovation in healthcare is led by Samsung Electronics' Health & Medical Equipment Business and Samsung Medison, with more than 1,600 employees over 100 countries.
Mammotome Revolve™ Biopsy Device
Mammotome Revolve™ Biopsy Device
The Mammotome Revolve™ dual vacuum-assisted breast biopsy system is designed for accuracy,repeatability and efficiency, while staying true to your core purpose – acquiring the best quality tissue during your patient’s biopsy. Advanced tissue management technology minimizes tissue handling while eliminating procedure steps to improve workflow and get your patient off the table faster.
Digital Breast Tomosynthesis is rapidly gaining acceptance as the next gold standard for specimen mammography. Unlike its traditional 2D X-ray counterpart, tomosynthesis allows the physician to see the breast specimen in 3 dimensions which improves accuracy and reduces false positives.
Neoprobe Gamma Detection System
Neoprobe Gamma Detection System
Effortless Operation
The easy-to-use Neoprobe® GDS leaves the surgeon free to focus on the patient and the procedure.
Clinical Advantages
The Neoprobe® system’s advanced capabilities enable success even in challenging cases.
Exceptional Accuracy
The Neoprobe® system’s Bluetooth probes deliver highly accurate
localization of target tissue
Safe Label System (SLS) Safe Label System (SLS) Safe Label System (SLS)
Safe Label System (SLS)
The Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) in the US released the latest medication guidelines for surgical procedures in 2022, stating clearly that handwritten labels should be completely phased out by 2025 and barcode usage should be universalized.
The "Safe Label System" integrates international standards and globally recognized best practices, aiding healthcare professionals in making the anesthesia medication process more convenient and enhancing medication safety. The SLS utilizes barcode management technology to scan medication vial information and provides dual confirmation through both visual and auditory means to ensure accuracy. Furthermore, it can be integrated with electronic anesthesia record systems, leveraging technology to implement check mechanisms, significantly improving anesthesia medication safety during surgeries. It serves as a comprehensive solution to strengthen patient care.
inSight inSight inSight
The eKare inSight® is an innovative product that combines Apple iPad applications with the unique image processing algorithms of Structure Sensor and eKare to provide accurate 3D wound measurement and convenient clinical operation. Through this professional algorithmic ability, eKare inSight® provides more accurate and rapid superior performance than traditional wound measurement methods in terms of the accuracy and reliability. With the intuitive software user interface of eKare inSight®, wound assessment and file report creation can easily be integrated. And through the use of the cloud database of the HIPAA security standard agreement, users can survey and track data changes anytime and anywhere, providing the injured with more accurate wound care.