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Group Overview
Sustaining Our Initial Vision for Over 65 Years

In 1955, Mr. Shih Yun-Fei, founder of Unison Healthcare Group (UHG), recognized that Taiwan suffered certain inadequacies in its healthcare environment and resolved to do his best to help the island and its people. To this end, he established the Unison Company.

Ever since that time, UHG has focused on the latest trends to discover unmet needs. Now, as a long-term partner trusted by international medical equipment manufacturers, we sustain our vision by continuing to introduce the newest medical solutions available.

After a journey of over 65 years, UHG has become Taiwan's leader in medical equipment integration solutions.


We are the only distributor in Taiwan trusted by three world's major medical device manufacturers: Philips Healthcare, Siemens Healthineers, and GE Healthcare. We have long-term partners throughout the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Israel, Japan, and South Korea.

Taiwan's Medical Equipment Integration Service Leader

As the pioneer in advanced medical equipment in Taiwan, we introduced the
1st linear accelerator

1st whole-body CT scanner

1st bi-plane cardiovascular system

1st advanced imaging health examination

1st powered exoskeleton system

1st remote presence system

1st robotic arm interactive orthopedic system

1st diagnostic radiology imaging system

1st computer-assisted surgical device and 1st UVD robot


Our Products are Found in 100% of Taiwan's Medical Centers


Over 450 installations of CT scanners, MRIs, linear accelerators,PET scanners, and cardiac catheterization imaging equipment.


Over 40 installations of third generation Da Vinci Surgical System.


Over 3,000 physicians and technical staff trained in radiology, general surgery, neurosurgery, and orthopedics.

One-Stop Integration Service
90 professionals ready to assist you on our customer service team.
Over 120,000 maintenance and repair service in Taiwan.
24-hour, immediate, real-time customer service.
System operation is guaranteed to run year-round 95% of the time.
Over 400 transnational technical support across 45 countries.
360-degree Health Defense
In working with healthcare institutions, we have consistently promoted "precision diagnosis" and "precision treatment." In doing so, we have also uncovered their unmet needs in terms of infection control. It further prompted us to begin promoting "Clean · Precision Medicine" as an ideal. Therefore, we have searched the globe for top-quality medical-grade sterilizing equipment and products to reduce the risk of cross-infection in hospitals and comprehensively improve healthcare quality and patient safety.
We carry out our mission of Inspiring Healthcare for Happiness by extending our Group's focus from the quality of healthcare to quality of life. We believe that happiness is not only limited to physical health but also incorporates a balance between body and mind. We hope that with every step, our Group can bring a more fulfilling life to all individuals.
A world where everyone could access advanced healthcare
and enjoy life with happiness.
Inspiring Healthcare for Happiness
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Integrity Management
Mutal Benefits
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Intimate with Life
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